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September 2010

after cracking the dead wide open yes

No i don't talk like that it

was an Astronomer came over &

lied for hours about a pair

of helium balloons left him a

gadget to measure my feeling

look it was love all at once

then it Swung toward hope's a

fate i wouldn't wish in so you 

see this is the eternal goof &

gaze we get once a year or once

a day even when you come over

it was lunch again & caught fire

right when i was saying here

you pick it up Right from here

where you wasted lines & lines

of ideal breath just on the off-

chance it might float into how

she holds her hands like one's

a baby 

 or that's how i'd do it

once the guide in giving asks

"Does he take any pleasure in making these movies? Does he expect the audience to take any?" (A.O. Scott of Woody Allen, NYT 9.22.10)

The poet himself praises the sky in its defenses 

tucked into a pattern of change that stuns while

not diverting a more proper reading of some birds

that have run off toward the upper left in white.

They're having a good time through overt clouds &

sets of reconvening isobars. What did they say then

what was it coming while the poet himself sketched

a withering wind. All his fictions set to the stake.

Must have been a deeper form. The kind you get on

summer lakes. Light in their language for a spell.

The poet himself loafs as it has been written and

will be allowed—even to no proper poet himself an

image of the next calm opportunity to have his say.

like i can almost not see

what you can't see from here … an earnestness 

in our precision … the drill team tumbling off

which cliff … weren't you of … green valley …

a spanking new day and a cobra-skin butterfly

… sure we can imagine all of these things but …

who's coming over for dinner … at least in a

great field … with a face … a partial object

thomistical … leaning toward a clear assumption

all of this has to end … where the text means

a stone … and the next breath turns into …

what … actual breathing … sometimes in public …

looking for solid winters … solidly springs 

… tepid summers … but falls full of good beef

that you can tear into … lit up … a paradox …

as such and such … cannot uncover whatshisname's

sacred identity under so much … say … ketchup

thank you for calling

To the storms arriving
or the one

open everything

so they teach

In fact
blind to learn

as anyone would 
(be, sure be) whose

language couldn't get
from where it came

to where it needed
to blow up

sentences sure of themselves

diving off

sentences as sentences falling and rising movie-like into green fern-like spaces

sentences asleep
all morning