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July 2010

in both versions (for john)

It took a sentence to get me here. Where you 

Can see me by the light smoke. Ways

To rig a hammock from two radio stations.

Adjust the all-night. Adapt the moonlight.

Accept the family. Admit the Mustang

To our pantheon of mortal motivations.

Swing it cold into first gear. Sleeping. Art

Behind our entrance shining full of holes.

We go on wondering God. To pieces.

the threat of an outcome (for keith)

That's all been handed to you. A whole alphabet rises

Like Venus, sure. From the heat so fine it has to spit

Literature. Listening to one note explain itself

To the sky. Since and because. Since and then onward.

Whose hands get arms at last. Whose arms camp lightly.

Whose shell rides mountains or birds. I can't say.

look to the woods

This the young poet imagines. It wrinkles in wiser freshness.

It's the sky can barely hamper what goes down below it.

Thought. This episode from the longest running series

Of light growls. Older Dog Still Appreciates Good Country Ride.

The young poet sits the minute one reads it's rude to eat

Everything you're given in Thailand. Disjunct or connect or

Joint along the road. We went talking too long to remember.

Rude to run lightning through the cattle as philosophy. Just

That there's some prodigious theory behind it. No doubt.