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June 2010

it finds an outlet here

These others were a preparation for this now, which is perfectly clear. 

Everything comes up like a wave, Well, there. I said it. Everything.

What could it be if it weren't a fresh vibration. Along any shore we go.

Here comes every old poet all over again. They prickle on my skin.

They set the tiny hairs like a chill. Well, there. I said it. Frightening.

They were practicing in a draft and caught it. And spread it. Here.

I wanted the whole world in it, so I took it all out. Perverse. I know.

These others caught me going away. And I'd have to be clear about it.

That suddenly everywhere has no voice. It was trying. No voice for it.

not nervous but so

nonymous without

the urge. where voices

say i said : listen

this confuses rust

this confuses us

too much. i can count.

tapping birds. brown birds.

birds in red tizzies.

loon of the sun. so

i said go on non-

ymous yclept Why

So Shining Brother.

this artling brightly

gone my schooly way

a plan

Now let's see—

the world



one more

sky to fit

Ocean's old off-size

polyester heart



two black

lights in pine

A long return

to song



you took

the ice out

of the temple

for breathing



even this

flat cool light

i'd been

Over the trees. Then driven down. This part.

If and then not why or when. An abattoir.

Composing a contribution of bitters and dill.

Succulent from the brave oven. One's absence.

This part of the world. Shuffling to exploit. 

Song on the readiness of someone for something. 

An infinitive under a tent for good. Some bird.

rank wilderness

I should know which painting. It's rough. Somebody

stood like this mumbling about lattices. Vast cuts.

Before it dried. Five gnats got interested. Go on.

Remember. There was squishy music in our hearts.

Then. Mistook our conjectures for grace. Well any

grounded flight can commit the urgency of color.

So I figured at last. May need a referee. A bee.