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sentences (we fake in no time at all)

g) Jack wakes me up at my desk and I'm off looking for my new slogan.

s) How soon three birds turn into hardly a day goes by.

l) Without or just because the captain calls me back from I wish you'd told me before.

2) Just because someone else has done something like or better or first doesn't mean you can't nod in that direction. Everything under that brightness is cribbed but the shadow knows.

w) I'm still studying this to turn it off or go on. Or just break it.

3) Then Jack calls me any minute an opera of inaudible parts.

g) None of us know the yellow flower well but just as overhauled by last night's endorsement.

my voices will not shop

This following was found on a rot-splintered log and transcribed last fall by one of the factors of the place. It was almost awake when he found it and pulped it with two capable alphabet stones. Its corpse expresses an other-worldly scent of cultic purity within which some can only sit and shiver. 

Our autopsied said … chocolate or …

In … tenders … to open … grow on in … 

Of exile … unpublic … himself of … 

One agent … qualms … ethics … as one … 

O blue beans … tell me … a new bowl … 

To pay up … blood use … pretends to … 

As it was the last of its brand, we thought it fitting to arrange this mechanical service; and now, thank Jack, our duty's done. Vivat Coagulate!

like his kids

It was revealed to them that they were.

    For it is written, Be

Yourselves. Breath in every respect.

Wondrous deed. Holy arm. Sun.

    Of you there. Is no one 

A hundred times More 

Now in this? In this Age 

    Of offers and shops? Or say

The sun comes up as You. 

Running the road. Collector of paces.

    Of horns and. Drums. Traces.

Along the shore. A currency.    

Floaty. And a revelation.

notes around them

1. There's not much give-up in him. About the plumbing.

2. Heard of deviating straight forward. Toward inerrancy.

3. Yr precious ions drift lightly in our Cabinet of Lists.

4. How the fences stuck & how she took them for yards.

5. A small one normally confuses a large one. I know.

how the flood stood

Placed in the likelihood. On the block.

I'm interested in the pigeon heart. Coped.

And bore up ninety-nine children. Each an encyclopedia

Of encouragement. Light postponements.

Or trampled to good effect. Sober in mortar.

Ceremonial coops commit one to long gazing. Leaping.

this movie confuses how

Tom can't go to Mass every day. Sometimes once

A week is Church enough. Form wasn't content. 

Reading this Rachel Blau Duplessis reminds him. 

Reading that James Schuyler. What do you know?

He doesn't expect to understand anything really.

But I need to stop dropping poets. So there.

You do, too. The vincibility of one page is

A big attraction. Like running a hand over fabric

And not wishing it were metal or ceramic or milk. 

Tom in the moon or on a prayer junket

Pretends he's not a bright term in a dark space.

Giddy in the likelihood that he is and bubbly.

This absent-mindedness is failure to love right.

Tom can't go to Mass every day. Sometimes once

In a while a hole opens in his wishing Jesus'd …

No. Turn. Too many mean dogs down that street.

Feeling stays dry and dark under the brain he got

A thick drink of water. You can drink it.

Meaning dogs used to scare me but now bears is

What I mean to say. And I stood a long time. 

But not quiet enough. Almost forgiven for it.

Forgiven for all of it so long as you know

It's probably the homily now after John's …

I don't get it … well, hardly any of it.

Tom in the moon asks a ghosty cat for slang.

Once you say I, well, the whole game changes.

Our unfortunate flag can smolder all night.

My lucky flag should smolder all night.

Drifting carbon's jargon way through dawn.

not quiet enough

When my characters arrive, I'll step out from behind this billboard.

What I stole was. An auto. An autonomous declaration.

But the cops. The cops have another name for this.

When my character shows up, I'll call the judge. A pal of mine.

We'll go blue while red. Stop on the green. Contrary like.

We'll be golfing through the afternoon. Talk to my girl.

When they get here, I'll have something else to say. 

Sunlight. Moonshine. Softer groves of rascals rising up.

that courageous worker

"This sentence is true in the positive real numbers but false in the real numbers."Sentence (mathematical logic)," Wikipedia

That number doesn't work. Called once. But it doesn't work. A fist full of peanuts.

You know what I mean. It's hard work. Picking up by hand.

A requirement. A necessity.

"He would keep riffing forever if it weren't for the fact that the plot needs to kill him." Shields, David. Reality Hunger: A Manifesto. 1st ed. New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 2010. 149

Of course this is my refusal to represent. I'm the one who won't say.


Most of us can barely get past the vast space at the end of the line.

It's hard to say why your passion leaves me blank. A bad person.

And inside. You never know where the switches might be.

What happened goes green, chilly, damp. A truck bed.

And now that you know my expressive sources, I'll have to take it all back.

This assignment for Journalism comes back with a smiley face.

I like flowers and am intrigued by furry woodland creatures. Not so much the bugs they carry.

Angling toward a definition & away from something else. Mid-level.

No, I'm not trying to be cute.

shows up

[a figure of speech]

Not that you should think this happened.

It's happening now. I'm not smoking a cigar.

[a string of red peppers here]

I'm standing near some trees that are slightly. 

An open window's visually arresting spectacle. 

[too many plastic jewel boxes]

None of it happened. There's a story here for you.

See. That's about right. Check the encyclopedia.

[notes on a small legal pad]

Everything brought this about. Each & every one.

As we say. Energetic, random knocking announces

[flowering white before blooming red]

The next part, but what can a cloud hear? What

Will a cloud care? It's a bird, it's a plane.

[old trousers, a sweatshirt]

I've been pregnant like for the longest time.

there is a sort of season

As in even this in which these

Loosenings take place, so in this

Plain cup, this good paper bird,

Knowing the way a reptile goes on

As in even this in which these

Aptitudes for popular transitions

Pull up short, deflated or less

Present. These could have been,

As in even this in which these

Run, among the blessed and free

To know this is what's been done

To each of us with our hands out.