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November 2009

only late in life

Something happening. Rhetorical forestry.

Moon in the cave of a sea drift log. Not mine.

Its ugly world drove me to buying. Then.

Nothing. So I approached its limited light.

And forgot to sigh its unmanly sighs just

Because the boys expect a timber tone. Just

For gentle's sake. I traveled off-world to

Specify which crow had spoken aptly to

One of us who had come upon the book

Of speaking crows. These trees are not

So numbered now. Some chilly orations.

but be pleased how one of them

As there's no home. Now could give it up.

Could not find a story. Given two. Neither.

Either open your eyes or open your mouth

Close your mouth or close your eyes. Then.

Try to clopen your eyes. Then clopen your

Mouth. And bring out the horses. Who see

Your need and regret. The never-lost parts

Of you in shrubs. Orphans and words. You

Can't find the right ones. To say as a story.

Some birds have more school than squawk.

on any given day there are

My next work will take place in Boca Raton. A city

I've never visited. But there's a tree. There. A palm

Tree stenciled with my name. It's red. Paint a boy

Can buy at any Paint or Hardware Store.  A good

Name with edges so sharp you can filet a Mouse



secretly critical of religion

What you wanted from this far anyway.

Aren't you people too smarter for me?

I believe I'll get a fumbler for my bridge

And cork an hourly other journalistical

In books and sit on toward the worthwhile.

Cabron, I learnt it reaching over poems.

Fuming past a memo and don't slam it

That I take you think I should be other. Than.

This ain't no accomplishment but a meal.

No clothespins but good folks. I am

Not a brave person but a cowardly one.

I am not a brave person but a coward.

one is always never both or either

OldA1 bunch of kids calling names funny until somebody gets hurt then all hell breaks loose. i'd rather work in a small farm. i mean go be free in your way. count birds. eat birds. make a violation and show it to your pop your mom. call a name and get smacked back somehow. learn how to eat birds backwards. through the holes.

you have unsaved changes

Well I have this idea and now I'm showing you this idea in some way.

Here is a picture of my pretty foot.

Here is a fabric of my useless anxiety.

Here is a dance in an empty book.

The song of my last purchase.

A waxwork of my limited sense of time.

Here is my dog in two dimensions. And so on.

And one cannot help but cry out at the banishment. Banished!

Banished and Vanished! From everywhere, dear.

Can I call you dear? I feel like I've just met God in my blogroll.

Tom Murphy isn't available right now. Will his brother do?

And how do you like this nuevo realismo in the stairwell?

What could anyone want from an ancient Church beyond

This irritable grasping after Life Eternal? Well if that's all

you want take it and then (the line the line the line the line)

Some mingling some chat some gentle helping hand? Well there you have it.

More banished and vanished. Kapow!

Amalgamated Dematerialization LLC at yr service. But carefully.

O so very carefully I held the latch and turned the

Idea over and made a picture for you to finally get

The roughness of this place and the scowling

Down. Some people are upsetting & poetic all the time.

as much fun as turning around

As for being irreconcilable and shrill.

As for rendering a controversy …

Disrepute and Discrepant walk into a bar.

    I will not harm it. But flatten it some.

    Screech. Then screech against.

    Two turns and a knot. Then who loves.

And so it goes on for all. They say

There's a predicate lodged far in the West.

Carried out by his buddy and laid in the mud

He looks thence hence and farther off.

It's a future for shopping and dreaming.

A harshness made of breezes. Denotes therefore

All the unvoiced accordingly.

And the wheezing instrument calls home a day.

(for ms … on a birthday)

as the engine in some contraptions

Still isn't it better to sling a topical zombie

over one's shoulder. Into a waste of words

just begging for it. As a guy with a device

and a deficiency will fail in complications.

Then this undead proliferation of sayings.

Like have a rice gray and be god and all.

Nothing goes to waste here. Where it all

amuses and confuses and reuses our oozes.

How could I be plainer. What could human
specifications challenge more automatical

than any one gadget might. I get it and you

get it. Dynamical. Our pliant wandering on.