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June 2009

low heat will result in a failure none of us can afford

Maybe it's time to look more. Like one who looks.

What does it want the dog for really?

Where does it let the hummingbirds sleep?

What does it want what does it want?

Why say Things to me ... why say Wake Up ... Cloud For Instance ...

What old boy. What bank account. What coffeepot. What.

That's right. Keep insisting. Bill me.

Push farther from here to there. Bill me.

I've decided to stop making things up.

and the outcome of that hard work

To make what says me and thus and then

Me. Inside evening so pressing. It comes in

Color. Like a bride. I was lashed to the bollard

Of a goofed up morning. It took on my hours.

Like an adult so wrong about the sky. Golden

Not leaden. You caught it in your teeth. Christ.

A world seemed to make itself. We caught it in our

Teeth. And ground it to something ordinary.

have you heard music

You expect something in the sparkling lot.

Honorable for inventing old ones again.

If you have other plans, go about them. Lay style

In the braveyard. We expect. Plant rows

Of ice mice rice lice dice prices prices prices.

We're the next crisis for thinking. Not about victory

Over. Against. But just ordinary us. On fire again.

Then met. With a hush. Whole fields of.