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January 2009

left behind by many beautiful sacraments

You should be a stranger. To feel forceful

Lend your legs to supper. Draft a face

That lets everything go. Happily gone to

Air. Could anything this specific be unreal.

Just a minute.

Could anything this specific, say, odder than.

Exercise in blundering. Unfinishing together

In whose Russian, Spanish, Tagalog, Erse.

blues alternative proceeding to oh oh hate

Somebody strung inches to line a farm.

Somebody needs an appetite. Opportunity.

Some body gets to signify. This isn't Texas after all.

I own it. I won it. This mountaintop retreat.

Never met. Attended or alone. This stuttering off.

Kept stammering My House My Perfect Flight.

Sadly safely no one part of it was ever incomplete.

Incorporated and feathered by the syllables left over.

The best launched out and was. No longer heard.

Crickets of Kansas. Fiber of Muskogee. Not there.

Gems of Valparaiso. Waste of Orlando. Not there.

Not greedy here or there. Not pleasant. Never. No.

policies around a sitting or thinking still

Someone telling someone something.

Life living inward toward leaving itself.

A grand taken for granted. Some for free.

The makers full of fact go on getting made.

I was wishing you. Out of the nervy skyline.

You were instrumental in the blown dawn.

So story approaches a vertical limit. Three.

Porches of the 19th century bungalow see.

What in the morning fakes a bird up a tree.

leaving home followed by nothing left to stop us

Steps must be three. A long reference to summer.

I took you along the damp stones and settled.

We were successful after counting. After spring.

Learned the catalogs had many ruined pages.

Sent the ladders back for shovels and candles.

Arrived with a sore tongue. Cornered eyeballs.

These are the solutions. The puzzle sticks us.

If every move has to be a spiral. Then go on.

Yearns, idiotic word, is past Prince of ashes.

supremely bent in misgiving

This may have nothing to do with you. Yes.

In fact. Go play somewhere. Stand in the corner

Of a field. Nervous. But why will you say. Mad.

An arguable green. Introverted. Scaled

To a fingernail purple. Then saluted. Bad boy

Flowers everywhere by mistake. You. Yes.