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September 2008

in a stadium we do what we can

However it goes. Betrayal of the wirey bosom of.

Something something. A secure glance confident

Of it's finish. Assistant to No. Which prepared me.

Look. No in the hedges around my walks. No any

Time I say so. No these are not the best pliers around.

It goes

And it follows us down to the whispering ball.

No for the dead kids the autumnal equinox the breaks.

Not in my language. Not ever. No for the birds.

then these tipping at their best

Wave release on yr left hand. Cultural privacy on the right.

I'm looking for the lost luggage. Slow nets of phenomenal

Gold. Piracy. Shadows. Incoherence is an intimate map

Of these watery gestures. Or call to ourselves in lightning.

Let there be no more books. And I'll trouble you for a lift.

imagining its true shape on fire

Sugary bits and a long stretch of plain telling.

Well why wouldn't they call it plain. Mouthful

Of tall grass. Bovine distances. Reminds me

Of the day you decided to have an idea but

I wasn't ready to accept the limited warranty

We'd counted on. To defend any moment's

Hard grace. Say it's high fructose corn syrup.

your son whom i will deprive

Should one stop. It might go on.

Then a silly phrase turns us all

To translucent character actors.

No one talks. Like that. Around

These parts. Burning barns and

All the other uselessness. But I.

Host of ceremonial romantasies.

Remember your hands. Fuller

Than your heart.
Busier at once.

When it wasn't a love poet who.

Said. Watch out. Yr skinny birds

Are hungry tonight. Yrs & mine.

making his impact felt all at once

For rent I sent a triply coded synoptic castling.

You'll need it. You need a corkscrew. A lung-pin.

Just spin. It will be taken care of. Or likes dinner

At six. If I told you you wouldn't believe me

How by the time we'd written him off he finally

Showed. Broken feathers and all.
See comics.

Allow to gather much dust above refrigerator.

Prevent fire in desktop with careful handling.

Far away. Pale kings coming on like queens.

causes aren't roots or loving intentions

Sometimes I go too far toward not nonsense but a syntax

Bloated (for good) reasons

Sometimes I imagine myself making big changes and helping out a lot

The air. Way off frightening

Other times there's a thrill in the sound of something I wrote so I go on

Treason as an imitation

Or I get so far off anybody'd think I needed a more engaging day job

Soul-distance. Fancy premise

But, yes, nonsense has a place in it so that's okay and it's hard to get right

Above us is to become internal

So I could think of them as stripes on the parking lot sort of like a metaphor

You need to start thinking of