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August 2008

seasons along the crumbling shore

Made of far off horizontal craft these shaken dots

And forgot to count. Our survival may require some

Degree of crafty madness. Sending our cute things

To scrape that prickly celestial hemisphere, we'll

Never be just. The same sort of candy for everyone.

And these assertions. Make us contemporary as.

College degrees policed by a row of apparitions.

some of this touches the residue

These ornaments settle down near the end.

Who stops an extra question. Is bookish.

After turning or recharging the lights. Over

Our now-selected selves. There. I'm in fact

A fresh community in training. Persisting

Until we're easily pronounced. They'll say

He was never otherwise were they. & so

Going on. Or at least to the outskirts of it.

My politics fade with an itch this morning.

unstructured to encourage socialization

Trusted that and insisted on a cold drink.

I in the minutes am putting my finger.

Far through a fallen trunk. A donut reference

Here. Isn't something we should be doing.

But this is what my mind looks like. Plank.

G G G is full of an argument nobody wins.

Literally takes off with an eye full of circumstance.

And you bet me I can't recite a window of it.

Or you win. Or I. Trusting soul. Can count

To three desperately distracted by a phone.

flower and voice are like the

Like the spaces. There's nothing untoward.

A vague snobism listing the lands between.

I'm talking to someone and he is optionally

Himself without a herself. There's a tricky

Backwards spy-in-the-gutter quality

To our lack of ideas. Like the days. Where

The continent sweeps overhead. Worried

Clouds. They put us off our feed. They're a

Big hit. Like the space an expression takes.

gainful employment in the next world

To the least. A string of real Chicagos.

Well in the story they get a lot of suits

With roses in the pockets. Impractical

Gelatin suspenders. White grapes. We

Understand the distance you've come

To be with us today. Angelic transport

Naked by clock time and punctuated

By. Trees around every corner. Stone.

more episodes located on other side of disc

Grass might stand up for our own sins. Lazy

In the crash or toward tomorrow. These are

Found next to citations of Petrarch troubled

Among fans of poetry. It has always fiddled

With words long before. They printed our

Houses with leaves. Now this is the line

From house to septic service. We go one

Better. Our problem reaches the masses &

Spins up through the operatic redbird horde.

some aren't like for the classroom but

Really crooked and ashes in distinct rivery edges.

Distinct in the sense. It starts in the lower District.

And exhales within its own purposes. And secrets

You know. Not so good. Lost your machinery. Say

We're all gonna be ... and it feels actual as a field.

Or some in the street. Set it on fire. Not a pedestal.

An end table. And you've got Trouble. My friend.