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July 2008

in the way

Just as

You get the sense that no one said it.


Say it and it's anything.

As you

Say it. And it's any thing.


Say "it" and its anything

It just

Reappears as a blank animal

You get

Straining indirectly home

And just

Some inch of language


For comprehensible dirt.


It grows as any thing


makes for a dramatic change or

I don't know how to get out from under
Content in these. You know. They're
Hoisting signs and gazing blankly out
Blank windows. I've seen them.

Him of the red cheeks, especially. She
Told him not to revise it but he did.  And
It's a shame. She left him for us. We're
Pretty happy about that.

Because I'm an English teacher she's
An impossibility barely logged on my
Shelves. She may as well be he or it.
As any actual she would

Make trouble in ways he could only
Hope would make trouble. Since she
Says some pedigree might help loosen
Tongues, but what could

Resolve it. A gat? Some dame with swell
Gams? We'll never get to the bottom of
It. There are questions in these and hours
Of breathless repossession.

from which all can benefit by a widening

This far-off psychologically pastoral hilly region with sparrows.

That you told me when you told me it was an opportunity not to be missed.

Flatness settled fortunately upon our toques and translations. You said.

This may become the mostness of your life ... all you can ever expect of it.

& farther on the poor are battling in frames for mirrors. My god.

Says I the architect's gone nuts. Let me tell you a story of a man.

Whose house fell and left him for a grief too grim to compose.

Let me tell you how the sentence sits on this bank of earth and stones.

hard to say where the trouble began

Turns out we need to protect

The pipeline from corrosion. I

Mean this instantly. I mean it

Properly. A priest raising the

Chalice. In nearly bare feet &

Such. As swallows. In busy

Turns get on through a bright

Line. It was a humid morning.

It took us a few early drafts

To plunk it correctly grossly

Down. Turns out we astonish

to enhance their formation

Milk the formula? Step out around the back.

Serve the sentence Fries & Cold Beans

Lasting out the never-found scrumptious

And delirious Mass Audience unchallenged

By any old X faction such as

The simple sentence Teenage Rebel hit

We'll Visit The Walleye Wagon Later.

A pattern of secret cuts spent for good. Results.

Call it plain speaking through a volley of curtains.

which he never did study long

Playing in the street. You never believe

That. There's nothing wild as that in here.

You find yourself. Saying things. What

You didn't. Wouldn't. Vast & scary nouns.

Saying things is not a poem because you

Want one that isn't that. Isn't flat for

This crude unexceptionality. Not

Even a rhyming. Beatless as something

You can't name right now. Because.

You are preoccupied with fire that's

Brought no light but went off sadly boyish

As you were. Frightened that it. That you

Might be mad after all. What then. What.

To see this smallness as the smallest.

Mad. Sensible not smart not. Ever enough.

Me talking back turning around. You.

For reassurance. For our reinsurance.

Which is not genius but human or in here.

unlimited and incremental

Expect when joy comes around

Ours will shuffle up in hearty puffs.

Of poem. It's good for you.

O there will be above our noses and seizures

Of joy. A synapse. To match our expectations.

Where we meet the mid-man. In chaotic

Kindness nobody could appreciate without joy.

There again. Lit up like no joke. No kidding.

Except when joy comes around.

Ours wills itself a part. Full of stuff.