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May 2008

there will be a coyote or two

What ruined then stood me up against the Mystery

Wherein no one spoke regular but called out Hymnal

Catastrophes and I fell down tremendously like Satan

Probably. It was thunder all round my head, I said.

It was the cause of this drastic muttish servitude, yes.

Wildcats in glaciers. Vestigal migratory dramas.

Calling from far-off irrigations and bits of landscape.

I mean I feel pretty good despite well yesterday. And all.

rugged and rarely spent

Lots of color. Polychromatic even.

Squirrels. Coughing and sleeping.

Brief as pink. Absent from orange.

Delirious in their copper servitude.

Blue in their scattered solitude.

Yellow in their concentration.

Green in their sensible pretenses.

Gray in their parentheses.

Aren't they red enough by now?

Now accomplished past information.

Ready for a pale word. Translation.

more positive attitude

If I put characters here. You'd have a root or trunk.

A narrower field. With two boys in it. A girl at home.

But it's made of exhibition. It's made of praise.

Guess we''ll have to be not broken but terminal.

Spirits in tall grass that isn't only tall grass but tall grass.

Here you are. And I. Here.

So why not two girls in it. And a boy at home.

Why not a tremor. But where. 

undiluted and particular

Now that the breath has blown out of me again

I recognize off the edge of a field that homey

Work comforts the center more. But I can't find

It. So I prefer a cardigan over a v-neck, but

They're so hard to find at an affordable price.

I'M RESPONSIBLE. Cries the keyboard. It's a

Mistake I meant to type. Or how the landscape

Blushes, thinking any one of us might be a

Painter at loose ends. Meaning to cut back on

Residential chiaroscuro for Scandal's sake. I'm

Not ranging much from the palace lately. Either.

old nymph takes the cure

In the dirt made of words. This extensive root system

Pings my ferocities into Effort. Mint goes wherever

Mint wants or needs to go. Was it Happening always.

Ever since the lack of a steel ring. Steering itself.

The runners came to Cameras subtle & bitter. Castles.

Available as flinty rock. Go on. Keep trying. Say it's

My turn. My turn useful. My turn inept. Explanation.

and it reminded me

Think something and say it. Wrestling

Is a sport of solitude but not a solitary sport.

Now that's a relief. Once you've said something

It can be tested against your embarrassments.

An embarrassment of prose, for instance. Or

An embarrassment of political syntax. Just think

What might come to the newly constituted reader.

Silent in confusion. Swamped in all this clarity.

dizzy comfortable birthing bin

Or to begin sincerely there alone and violent.

These are my fingers staring.

What is that kind of laugh he does?

Yr supposed to be music or at least a stone.

The whole world is whole, you see. It's a recognition in time. Oh, I see you're being philosophical. Who taught you that? Nobody I just mean. Parts aren't ever just that. But about this violence. The problem is theirs, not yours.

Look. Evidence?

But why would anybody care to memorize?

Who puts their pretty picture up in their unexceptional youth?

Who fars flat? Who humans the place?

eventually which will follow

How we all strained toward meaning This

Is what we meant to understand. What

Crafty gents we're meant to be in pants

Or dresses. We meant to be variations.

On the old line. We'll never know if we're

Good enough to publish but we keep on

Publishing rudely exclusive. Merrily inept.

Look how all these pictures make us look

So pretty and presumptuous. In American.

they had a wonderful entrance

A sleep farm in trousers. About

Tension at the center. Wherein

An athlete composes. Sudden

Bouts of goo descend from. Noses

Peppered & otherwise. Flagrant

Dreaming in friendship's net. About

A week later trouble. Arise

Gay brothers and sisters. Combine

In strange affirmations. Cartons

Of rain destiny glue. Robust

In your ordinary. Retreats.