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February 2008

about buying every one

Hiding in my negligible apparently

Behind the booth of mirth, me as

Colloquial guilt. My figure freaky

Embarrassment. Didactic scat runt.

I clipped you for my pasted album.

I irked the accidental. Speak up,

You Critic Weirdo Insecticide Saint.

the reader to hinder

A poet writes what he or she can comprehend.

Squirreling daylight & darkness for some Father farther on.

Nobody exaggerates the Stop Signs. They're plastered

All over town. Lying into morning like ships or photographs.

He simple does not like it when poets dumb down their work.

completely safe and clinically proven

Nobody to call me on the arteriosclerosis of sense.

As for loaning bits of regularity to sleeping dogs.

Dig me in my aesthetic defoliants. Laughing and done.

Let me lie. Raw as the new dance among us.

We keep it up. We keep it. Discontent. Smug.

A brief and straightforward guide to percussive doom.

Tumbledown rhubarb. Tumble down, blues.

and never afraid

Or he come back made in wrinkles to seem


Just in flimsy wrappers an army so


As every old war taken him apart


But back now in country unpressed other


He in the black of his loosenesses come


just a second now

It may be time to come back to the world

Saying what little there is to say when

One is afraid to say anything True

Because it might not be accurate as

An orphan, an opera, an odalisque.

There, you see. It can't be helped. Plain speaking

Sticks out so unnaturally. Alternate

Windows conspiring against the landscape

Make me shiver. I'm. Hark. Alas. Adieu.

Impossibly and pointlessly. Convex.

popular and inessential

Altered the taxonomy so it slips

To the second side automatically.

I like the modern world. I make it

My own cottage. Industrious and

Verbal. I can't find Eliot's dictum

Anywhere. There are so many so

Full of paths. Let's be pejorative

Until something else comes bright.