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December 2007

not sentences but shivering

If every move is written the engine requires.

At the same time an aptitude for combination.

I willn't forge the small fog variously says he.

Seeming to as a tool has each of us in our comeuppance.

I the unappreciated seek social impeccability.

Oh stop to underquote us in our soft peppermill panic.

It wants to hire a vacuum for the lethargy of madras.

Never as the smoldering thrombosis.

Ounces. An orchid said. These in an. This as an. O.

I. A. I. S. I. O. I. N. O. I.

nor for the against

As a small statue the crippling container

Has your name on one side. My face on

Same. Weren't we meant for each other

By these conditions? Called up thrown off

The floats during grimy parades. Rub

An orange for me, sweetie. Or farther on.

Tell me which story wasn't yet. Inside.

when most came to believe

That a road trip might do it.

Confuse a poem to deathly simply.

That this so far from there

Might stand up like a true version.

These are from somewhere

Else of course the beach but in-

Land too and far out where

No one says anything unusual.

take it for decades on

I was very politely that. And secure in my differently

Bad. I was sounding British in the worst way. I was

An armored lesson. Because you weren't my books

You weren't my strictly wrongheaded. You and your

Copies. Like a storm or strong alcohol. I was work

Completely stifling urges to manage reasonably as.

a whited box of

How to be one. At any time but.

Here in the twenty-first century.

How one goes on and sounding

Like this duplicate. One should

Not have given up for Christ-

Mas. Cute. But no salvation in

This one thing or that. But as

An antic elf one could become

As storage for the next & next.

the wrong people

They all say it as a razor. I cut myself

When I say it. So I stopped saying it.

Overheard and left alone. Itself in F

Sharp. An operator. Combines miss

The point. I was always going on to

Say whatever I thought you wanted

Me to. Say. Funky collaborative as a.

Drowning coat. Gene-monger. Plank.

cultural authority at last

Following you to the big magazine I

Will tell you there's a window for us.

Acutely of the century. A politeness

Lacking a wheeze. But five cents for

All this winter is a pretty good deal.

What you make of it is what I make

Of it. Out there's an attachment. Ice.