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November 2007

complete lyrics in one

Who has never stopped to unhinge his rodeo head from the Riches

Of Parmigianino. Who understood desuetude even in its heyday.

This is one for others. Who told us we needed to begin shaving &

Showed us to the room. Who boxed and studied with rigor the box.

who's burnt for fossils

It's true I don't know what I'm doing. My soul

Is invested in a shallow abyss or dimple in the

Library we got for our birthday. I'm thrilled to

Have eaten there and will return with a good

Friend this afternoon for certain. I don't know

About the air yet. I'll dress the part for school.

Breathe with me now. Breathe like a dinosaur.


If you want you can study my desperation from there.

You see, I wanted anything that might stand watch.

Baskets and gears are finally archaic. And we're relieved.

Free for something and reassured by everything.

and managing a practice

Notice me on my hands. Apropos.

The nervousness we get from the sky.

Were any of us used to these shocking abbreviations?

Tell me that certain of the Greats were chums.

Tell me the organ of sense is delicious in soup.

Tell me my spirals are subsequently polluted.

I'll make another sentence. And grimace.

second or third generation

My engine wasn't the public school. It was

A private infantile devotion to becoming &

Turning into. That which rhymed with. Here.

I earned my wax by burning my fingers so.

And excluded. Sense in a full blue bottle of.

Fragile thin maps made me a beachfront.

I turned warlike & popular as a far cliff & you.

Later found in county records a score of me.

take this out of me

By the time I'm difficult I'm opening.

Hands are forthright and conclusive.

They are not birds. Take a breather.

For the longest period we sing along.

With opportunity as it stretches you.

I'm difficult by closing time. So look.

wrote it

That you could have. As with a pencil.

But you didn't and you wouldn't have.

As once on a mission. For the reputation.

Of going on. Toward the Chinese responsibility.

Saying this hasn't upset anyone.

Altered. Anyone.

That was required. Electrical. Reputable.

If you tell me what you mean.

a sense of it then nothing

Two heels per. I'm the poet

You stopped reading. Twice

Then. Pick me up. The Sky

Portrait. In cinders all my

Lost puppets. Are you still

In abeyance. Unable to do.

That which comes undone.

As a poem under your knit

Cap. I'm amalgamating art

For the last time. Cold as it

Gets without thinking. I'm

Lost and nearly electrical.

please copy the lame

Lasted by a stung mile. Lasted by inches.

Lasted in the flat hollow. Lasted fallen as

Red-tails. Hawks. Four in flight, two down,

Two dead by the side of the road. Lasted

As Lear beaten to someday. At last again

An option toward a wave. Tricked up as

The flowing winter. Full as a trail at last.