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October 2007

as if unwilling

No I won't make it easy for you.

But it is easy anyway. Don't you

Think? Pointing. Pointers. Point.

Your day looks like another heap.

No barn in sight. But here are all

These slaughtered crops. Look.

What happened to the skeptics when

Their bloody boat took water?

our sensational capacity

Oh. Um. I was busy making terrible compellations

And he stood at the door withering a superb effect.

But I kept on inking and linking as we say out here.

Then I considered the sky. And considered again.

The simplest thing of a oneness got a boogie-woogie

Going off my joy, advancing far back to books and

Powerpop poetics testing time. The kinetic kneeling.

Say. The horology of rising to bow and spin. To work.

any question makes you bigger

Are we a school in turning around?

Was this briefcase a cat?

These aren't the new brood, are they?

What makes anyone mournful and sopranic?

Are we a school facing northerly?

Who appeared and told the scalding tale again?

Are we a school in our stubborn silence?

Walking away again?

A million times? An egg?

How can I relax with you in your new-found pianism?

We're a school of headlong what?

reasons for it over time

It's better not to know anything.

Most eyes are full of black stuff.

I'm in myself in a fresh paper cup.

The good news is coming or going.

You can sing this in some rooms.

It's better to know something.

Put an arm around the insect.

I'm voting for books again.

Rented rooms are accomplishments.

Celebrity douses everyone with grief.

Yes, better to know something.

now to have a song in tow a song

If you're spoken by the moment. If it has

Anything to say. That this trembling dry

Faction has stillness for a cousin. History

Jazz and wild delights all hushed a second

For you to be said. Into daily terrors.

I'm the ambush the lie wrote. A good

Guess full of the angelic slipshod truth.

But I need some money. Have you got

Some cool cash bomb to drop on me?

Phone it in. Dial it up. Just for us now.

lost and far-off friendliness

I sent the unembraced the unembraceable.

A necklace of coral oranges. Substitute bruises

For emotional precedents too brittle to name.

You cannot mark the next stanza by simply

Breaking the line. Someone will have to pay

Dearly, dear. You, fond, unhuggable portrait,

Will have to pay in ostrich despair, doodlebug

Intimacies. Let me scuttle all your secrets here.