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July 2007

his gone over

Not in touch now ... as you might be

Letting the beard on .. off ... into light.

How old were any of us when we forgot?

Ice in the hours. And poetic as hell.

I never pushed anyone no matter.

What they say. I picked up the color

And forgot the lyric. Intending to say

Please let's not have the police. No not.

shuffle on

Sardonic and affluent as witness. White woods.

Partly in heaving toward nothing blackness.

I in torn paper pants larking owls.

For instance on fire. In politics again.

Standing and leaning sardonic. Tan.


Who'd been philosophy so long they spit termites.

Who'd arranged for next winter's prime debauch.

Who in the center trimmed around the edges.

Who'd fastened liking to forgetting.


Particulars ... of ... and then

Sluggage of ... everything

Pretending .. to have been ...

I took you out for hours and you

Were taken ... by the sights ...

Foreign pictures ... breathing.

o horror

Which I posed next to.

Telling you everything.

Once I grew a farm and starved it.

Oaks haven't ovulated yet.

These things are hidden from ordinary sight.

Posing in the shrill blue next.

And eventually an architecture gets us.

Were you thinking.

Weren't they gray and bottled.

Exclusively and gun-like farther.

Than bad.