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December 2006

the old out

That you might not care to speak directly as if to the locust tree there or a child.

This is not new nakedness but covering. Weren't you the one in a red knit cap?

I meant covering what your sleep said with a twist of your head. The cap skull-

Tight. That there's nothing to say when you put it so blessed like that. In breath.

ack-ack windows

When old was young & got a Name

Then got some Shoes. Boy that was

Something. All in a ring of Fiery Ice.

All bent & splendid we was a Force

To Recommend. The Collected Work.

On laughter. The front pages said.

A Nervous Extension: Youth on Fire.

he saw

Here I'd put my gathering. Were they feet?

Almost certainly not. I was inching outterly.

Then rescues come on like sometimes or

Others. Maybe. But you can see with these

Indentations which side leans farthest in.

I like the flat lights best. They sling us on

To the next we call Evening. Well, you do.

there were differences

Come up short but I wasn't expecting

Mount Rushmore or the Pacific Ocean.

I was in the mood for a sonata & I got

A pencil. Walk me down from the Long

Branch. I'll extemporize the stars.

One if the blackness goes on forever.

Two on the kindling pile. A match.


I will stop making sense and not making sense.

Will we sneeze? Or will we phone it in?

I will stop remembering the alphabet and call it Roma.

The underdressed will find a time and place for gifting.

Call me Lassitude or Lassie or Lattitude.

I still apprehend the sun in the stone.

I will stop gambling and hoping and climbing.

I will be the planet we'll call Too Early.