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November 2006

the sky so

Nothing like copyright infringement but rude

Enough to mark the rightful prince. His engine

Of grounded sensations. That old & as decadent.

The body swung from crystal. Uncertain

Hospitalities. All as I was getting ready to flash

The actual junkheap of my time. But I thought

Better of it, just as you might also reconsider

A gift of gull feathers or an eggish solitude

To be too much for plain folks like us.

to your pencil stations

Like a river full of woodblock prints, I'm full of significant differences.

Like an optical premonition, I'm your canonical jukebox lightning.

Like 80 black and white images, I'm the indelible impressionist.

You turn onto the college-ruled driveway and assume us apart, then me.

I scoop dinner from these soupdrum photos, then an old blue mouth.

I paste colossal coastal maps wherever you sleep, then late summer.

grand total key

Not found in any Index. Lateral

Fame gets us a Quality Discount.

We meek. We multi-functional

Parts. I love you in my Laser

Days. But so forget you at The

Back of the Book. Say yes any

Way. Say the sky so scrupled.

Then say how everybody says.

to the seething on mercy's accelerant

Hadn't been a fraud long

But long enough for reasons

Feeling myself to be an Optical

Knot, faithless, a cork

In time. But fraudulent as

Pork. Making whistles &

Whispers of what was not

Ink. Out-scale juicery.

This then the next and so on.

Unequal to the national

Challenge to be

More a new shirt than

An extra one. Artless.

A loss I couldn't count.

i think that

Most if the Time

We do allow ourselfs

Such as Goodness

Without any True Thinking

We reason collectively

& this is common.

This leaves us

Without any true thinking

With a Question of how much

because Goodness people

Regard the media Rely on the Media

Opinions without any True Thinking

We allow ourselfs to have

Moral Aspects

Defined for us by themselves.

(apologies to awi)

no old arguments

There's human here. I put it in.

I couldn't take it out or wouldn't care to.

Take me on for the going out.

Take me into hours like oranges.

Take and take me over every other piece.

See. Human in the open airways. Fluid flesh.

I put it in without the can or the label on the can.

I put it in with all the light.

he goes on to the local

It wasn't as of I were talking to you. If

Then the words made you a comfort of

Knowing. Safely secure. No monstrous

Here. I wasn't talking to you of voices

Linen trees paper trees of words & ice-

Blue means of saying. As shdws of me

Browsing yr gray cap. Of saying this &

My nocturne of a roadmap home to it.

I'm talking to the chauffeur who turns

Whichever way our bandit now directs.

look askance

These then as welcome.

Watched in china plates.

Walks in showers of places.

Then along the wall.

Watch of traders coded.

Placed in the big telescope.

Along comes finally done.

Coded for broadway cool.

Big reasons for this approach.

Include my final nervousness.

My cool dance promotion.

My approach my hours my