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October 2006

that self was normally

Any archer's elective. Me, I'm

Me under morning. A punt for

A punk. O who took the bass

I was the Glamour talk. You're

The spell of Old Comedy iced.

My talk the arrow glancing off

The inaccessible Object. Yes,

Sir. I'll get right on it. Tremor

Shot through with flinty talk.

Private language none need.

Rude to whisper in a group.

given many hours

Scolding to pause for thither ... for adieu.

These are the loose boiling Options we mixed

With the unspoken. Heathen symphony.

Amended, our jolly troupe studied Ignoring

Long into day. Doth thou strung along

Like a dog thump against Old Music. Go! Poem!

the cloth

Is on the Long timer. A scale in my far-off spot.

That and only. Where we went into a store.

They take two as we in training give one.

My feelings about this sadness. Entertainment.

Red and redder. Flying down around everyone.

Falling in kisses down into the Sand.

Watch how the Music likens to Ice.

Weren't we the guests of Light. The horn of All.

in the merest

Looking likes. Like sterno combing the night there.

All my stars were voices. Big welcoming smiles there.

Nobody heard it when it caught. Ripped a big one there.

I wasn't in the club when we reached thy bodies ende there.

sounds like an idyll

That he scritched it out. Then left it.

a Slumber. That. He saluted the Deep

Content. He slung it over. That he'd

Marry one quickly as That. Other. so

Left it flopping on its Back a gull to

His crossing White & so pronounced.

One of mine. One of my lost ones. O.

ten sort

In particles. This isn't the fun of the book.

Singing while you were out. I mean pieces.

Watch the left lane crumbling. Hard & soft.

Singing now a Close friend. As an excerpt.

Of a larger field. Where grow the scenes.

no ideas but

in wings ...

in damsels enchained or entowered ...

in the private worker's late removal ...

in the next human surrogate television buddy ...

in the crashing in the gloomy dampness ...

in the unconsolable prince ...

in taking and leaving ...

in an irredeemable corruption & coughing up ...

in a parking space for the next politics ...

in lobbing and carting unusual body parts through town ...

in striking with the plectrum a nervous angel thrumming ...

in galoshes on backwards ...

in conversation horizontal across the landscape ...

in tossing the story into history's meat grinder ...

in the real poets the real planes the real estate ...

indispensable nonetheless ...