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September 2006

introductory essay

Just as I'd be made. This sidewalk for my Pleasure

Appropriates a human scale. Dense & colorful Book

To the front door. Just as I'd been made Common

The entrance flipped to Charm. This was Godliness

As balcony of Wishes visiting black & white Parts

To say Telling's ambitious but your Losing's a Brick.

find it out

Nor was I faking what I'd always known

Was it trying to sweeten each Layer of

The grossest Science I don't even care

Were any of Us the author. Or going on?

I wasn't once my ears fell to Love. O o.

very more

Don't be Honest. Very more then. As rumor.

A place Standing up to our Ancient. Calling

For an Elevator. I'm looking out to Pay Big

Paintings over the Oceans we meant to say

This is the better part of Sky. I say Original

All week. Original as pocket Sweets. Far &

Dishonest my friends & my saving Details.

A truth & a small Help all through the years.

Original lace Original in the big blue Lack of

Origins. Very more in the woods than Life.


Ward of the angels. Why drooping so personally.

Why when the suspect grimaces. The flesh. Why

Understand talent when anybody can fly. Can read

The personal moment & lose it to spelling. You

For instance on the fast flighty fiction. Paid & told

To write beautifully more divine tales. There.

They're holding you up by the shorts. In a mask.

and pores over

Asking & managing to watch the language drift.

Answering a pale young fellow's question.

Abundance in the grip of nineteen tarot decks.

An artiste he called me an artiste the bloody goon.

Aztec methods proposing fires and white notebooks.

As astute more or less in that order.

Adoring whose opinion's closest friend continues.

A set of collectible family changes in twenty-four carats.

And solace.

An intoxicating passage from far home to far gone.

next in tune

For the management of his/her Motion on the Lawn

Of unmerciful Bamboo: temper the Eye Contact,

Merge Scansion with the black Cleft of Dream,

Arch your Learning toward the steeply Hidden

Fruit of someday, Baby, someday. This then in a

Tent. Where yesses were Suns of Guesses &

Graded us -- mistaking Lightning for a Program.

what to do

You may not Qualify. We'll let you know.

Our two daughters were thinking you might like an Omelette.

But we guess you're candling Tales - or pieces of them -

To flatter the Flames. Yes we need You but.

You may not Qualify. We'll let you know.

sitting for it

What. Approachable but Scoldy. Not nervous.

In the arms a Slightening of effect. For absence White.

Cold news for Threats. Then we're ready for Certainties.

The war is right. There in the Nose.

We vary. There on the Back of the Hand.

Our Feet our marginal Capital our fickle Earth.

My face finally made Safe for the Working the Voting in public.

All to be taught. All to be Suffering the changes the Charge.

then this

As if I were in my precious Watching. Then the Falling and Flowering

Could make it. A fact in The Nature of  Deep Light  trips and triples

My allowance. Enabling the next Leap and a small hop toward Silence.

more & less

No. I wouldn't pretend to Know.

The book wouldn't read in Shadows.

When I complain, the collection rushes Out.

Marking me & then missing Me.

You will need a word for it Eventually.

Yes. I wouldn't pretend to Know.