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August 2006


As fame doubled  over into a Flag

We marching  & Burnt.  Starry so

I'm like the third River without

Fish but Rippling. O. Rippling on

A dreaming State not Indiana or

Illinois. But. New. Without pain

Collected in my Creature  spark.

And seeming the Day. Seeming on.


Interrupts poetry. Wants a tribute

The navel of Sense. Look bleaches,

Whiling & Meaning far as Thunder

Goes. Logically not a Problem but

Hark. The order put each of Us

Out as Eyes encountered just

Once then Good Imagery clumpt

& Fervently. I scuttled the Talking

& re-sorted the new Consumption

Of lines for food. Eat & Go. Go.

Eat & Go Go. Eat. &. Go Go Go.

new immigrants

My durable objectivism. & my Subject

Is the sandwich in Six Pounds of Grain.

Just as Lunch may deliberate & starve

So may the Object mistreat Workers

So severely They wither on the Line.

I like my portrait. It stands Up to It.

in relating

What meant. I was sure of the Travellers.

I was unsure in each of the New Budgets.

Coming out for This Question never binds

But softens as in Argentina long nights

Tremble in final migratory bird Positions.

Soft. Even with our calls coming up I

Was sure of the Chaos Kids in temper.

A lotus and an Autobiography as afloat

For the day. I'm unsure and a Distance.

ahead of her time

Articles will be Buoyant beyond this point.

Mercy stumbles into Fishing Rites & Sabotage.

Twenty-one replete. Full of & Replete.

As a daliance a Suffering a scoop of Imperfections.

I am You see.

Last of the great oil pits. Scalded in Life not hollow.

A web sighted in each of your blessed Corneas.

Stopping by for the Annual Pilfers.

Come get me formerly. In perspect.

Who might not know the sour indoors as an Opossum Attraction.

when replying

There's nothing wrong with the world

Or Looking at it. Or putting it here in

A line. Nothing's been removed. Or

Moved but said again. Or maybe for

The First Time. That would be rare.

A part is not a part in words here &

There. But it is Words. Here & There.

And it's sensible. And still Guessing.

founding fathers

Thought through Saturation & its

Neo-insistent Melodious. Calling me

Richard. Calling me Brilliant while

Estimating the Breath a Whistle

Might cost past my Tombstone.

Past all afternoon. An unfunded

Lurch. Look we're full now. Belch.

then so puny

A typo written thin. Betrayed & tries

When read to scowl. What breath &

The lost Letter evoke is an Argument

With troubling fingers in anyone's Or

Everyone's inner works. What we

Meant to say turns floating Fated

Casual wonder Homeward & Farther

or to find

Farther to the edge of yr Delight a guess.

Then an impromptu 21st century automobile

Combines with yr Delight. An orange animal

Rises to scratch our Eyes. Into weeks & weeks

Of contemplative reaction we feed this

Beast our hope something like red sausage

Columned along the fringes & grown mighty

Stern. I expect you'll show up Various & cool.

But then. I slice the Optimum & find old Sun.

a step

Carried in the Legends farther than a dog's life,

We in a series of pasts & futures. Commingling

Solitaries. Even hark one spark. A barnacle of

Southern fire. Here we are Heaps of fieldstone

Wanderings posited & lineated Guests of breath.