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August 2006

July 2006


was automatically generated & asking

the same question ... which and whenever

did i ... an abundant and socialistic practice

called the little house ... reappear ...

and listen

i seem to be something within a

document ...

sentimental & cool as eggs & i

the recipient & i the comma

seven or

gone famous on old ices.

isn't this by yesterday

now? we're following above

these campus riots, but i

pick the color the land is.

i pick a pale gris - a drop

or failure of redding more.

i paint my nearest apart.

next it

pertains to circumstances none of us are handling well ...

in which later on a dog collar is found in the dresser drawer ...

in which one unmarries the other on that very night ...

in which a stranger comes breathing fire ...

in which one must learn facts ... only facts ...