half had vanished

a counting couldn’t claim everything we needed

any more than looking could or any more than a

guess there’ll always be some horizon hung like

shabby cloth over an uncertain edge walking

it at risk is all you can do is all you need to


a piece of rock to hold in mind. part. of the larger

here. limestone possibly. shale with it. maybe three

hundred million years of lying about. as and. in the

whole. as if patient. to be held in human terms. this

steady strata confided. to eyes. deposited indirectly

steep in streams. of the blind flow. or stilted one.

this / no that

After cat tried


we sat with short grass

and wind.


that thing right next to stillness

one is expected to post somewhere

to confirm one’s social haecceity

that thing right next to stillness

artificial by comparison

So, Mr. Groovy. Denser, my photons are enough today. So,

tell me, Madame Minima (whose heart is jiggling in a

red bright can of Tomato Points) which epoch shall we

pick? The Agon of Chrysalis? The Pretenceous Devoidic?

I’ll meet you there. All done up in these Hesitation Blues.

any day singing

If in our sleep say an arch. Built of perfect religion.

Then the shadow and the copper cup. Trestles over it.

I put my mind away again. Watch the beautiful river.

Last night the geese crooned. The crickets a chorus.

We believe in God. The word. And the subtle shove to.

Enjoy the limp of light. It’s a wrecked and splendid.

Day. In fact I’ll hymn it for you under here tonight.

and yet

under this

lake here’s

a thin

stream spring-fed

where the

first people

still come


fish life

bird life

green life

will drink

the giant

man puts

his finger

to it

and catches


he burns

all day

making it up







all at last


turned into everything

just dirt


don’t just anytime

stop what been

what been happening

from going on


ain’t no poet no hands

in dirt

opposite the crush

if this were emotional. all my sky were an exhibit. and of teeth.

pardon runny tears and nose. this emotional commission best-known.

for the day everything happened correctly. scheduled to be made up.

after one’s desire crickets and vultures. past horizontal wondering.

you for example cannot or must not be one. one sky of emotional eye.

one individual thread or threat of emotion. grin or grit of teeth.

your face was the tool you forgot to sharpen. in beauty a contract.

that your body had emotions. and you almost died. of a body in time.

being silenced in a range of light. quickly now. hush your face your.

well-known teeth. in buckets of stars. emotional as a certain thing.

aren’t you afraid. then the calm slope of a chair. you were beaten up.

if this were emotional or a single life. work the system this way or.

that. thought a friendly diner. everyone looking at the camera now.

i’m sorry i was afraid i was saying something emotional in my teeth.

it was a quarter after sadness and freedom. i was reading a book for.

the last time. just from the legalities and emotions. how red & pale.

this respect for life and color. carried all the way to the door. she.

the first of the beans. has her own responsibility and seemly emotion.

you could feel then many millions of seeds. one of you will be detained.

by the shallows over there

is an artist. like the wasp. its voice in this room. as voice. its body on the other side. inside the wall. puts through the wall. a sound.

is an artist. so what you’ll do when you get there. what anyone cares about out there. having told them it’s nothing. nothing at all.

is an artist. of never quite getting there.

this is the same language we use. to do anything in the world that needs language. let us be precious together. if not precise.

around the places you’ve never been. maine, for example, there’s a prophecy. in all your life you’ll never visit. exactly never there. precisely not there.

is an artist. as understanding a whole life has avoided itself. look away, please. nothing to see here. a whole life has done just that. and who let it.

as one who dislikes most inches and marks of itself. its face its voice and lies. the whole sky of a mind. without god. it is a silly one. with. who knows. a chance.

to have done this and that. without love but in its shadow. say you are for it or against it. this or that.

as an artist. or a person.

far as they know

It looks like the lake on a partly cloudy afternoon. White below blue, then a boat pulling a kid. Then, once the waves pass, gray. Then, you guess, some dusty green murk.

And the lake’s coming at me. But don’t worry. I’m safe inside.

You make a mistake to write from anywhere but … sure, the love may show up as anger or confusion or fear or determination … but love’s informing or mistaken … from the basement and below it.

Or in their beauty they turn away like cattle knowing or not knowing market day comes soon. Or heron-legs tap the lake surface and there’s a little fish. So they fly.

in which

what finds itself offensive. to what.

as far as such could be. or. such can be said. or. said by one who says it.

writing turns up. the underside for reading. or. repeats the well-lit. or shaded surface.

the shaded and the frightening. parts. unavailable to one state of life. one must be like this. not that. not that ever anymore.

stop your tongue. your tongue is stopped. fingertip taps. a way.